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Bryan VanBenschoten

Studio B Pottery and my home are both located in Tecumseh, Michigan, which is in the southeast corner of the lower peninsula. I have been a professional potter for over 41 years and have loved working with clay even longer. I am a studio potter; a professor teaching ceramics and sculpture; and kiln director at Adrian College.

My pottery is thrown, thrown and altered or hand constructed; it could be a combination of these methods. I produce wares of stoneware, porcelain or terracotta clays that are fired in reduction, oxidation or the salt-glazing process. Some of my decorating techniques include slip trailing, sgraffito, incising, piercing, combing and expanded slip crackle.

I base my work on form, function and proportion while maintaining aesthetic appeal. As I proceed forward in ceramics I find more time to devote toward aesthetics and the nonfunctional. As my pottery evolves, so will this website.

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