Artist's Statement

Bryan Van Benschoten

My pottery is based on form, function and proportion while maintaining aesthetic appeal. The challenge is to synthesize these concepts and find creative solutions for each. Functionality has been the singular driving force in my work. While functionality is my primary concern, my wares must capture the interest of the viewer through innovative form.

I consider form to be a close relative to function. Form will push function in some instances to its extreme, especially when proportion takes precedent in making the wares that will challenge the concept of functional ceramics. The farther out on this limb one ventures, the greater the possibility for the work to become aesthetically appealing.

As a functional potter producing wares rooted in functionality, my aim is to push the boundaries of form in the name of aesthetic innovation--which also means pushing into the nonfunctional. With a life time in this field of work I find that change will always happen and be for the best.


My Studio